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Banking systems operate as the beating heart in each country's economy. Subsequently the flaws and shortcomings existing in this system have a direct impact on the major sections of economy. In fact, the designers of the new banking system in Iran have started simulating the system of interest by creating a new synthetic contract which has led to numerous losses and downfall for the country's banking and economic system. The notable point in analyzing the problems in the current banking system is, knowing that the theoretical source of the current banking system is the act of interest-free banking approved in 1984. This act is by no means, the result of a philosophical view on Islamic economic law. Furthermore, there exists other challenges in this regard, some of which are executives ones due to the country's wrong-operating banking system. Other challenges are not related to Islamic banking and more or less, all banks in the world are faced with them.

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Banking; Globalization; Usury; Banking contracts

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